Turn blocking code to asynchronous functions.

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An easy way for teams to share and read content - My Hack.summit() 2016 hackathon submission that made it to top 100.


The cookie-consent-polymer element provides a dialog with the option to accept website cookies according to the EU law.
Uses for geolocation and will only show for visitors from countries where the law is active.
Documentation page here.


Example implementation to test my experiment on live unit testing. Make sure to check the blog post here and the github repo.

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EasyComments is an easy to use comment system with a simple api for posting and retrieving comments.
It also comes bundled with a dashboard for moderating your comments.

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An example client for the EasyComments system using Polymer and webcomponents.

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Ruby api wrapper for the cryptocurrency exchange.

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Simple sinatra extension to automatically recompile all your sass/scss files everytime your application starts.
Only use is for some small app where you don't want to use a whole build system.

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This blog

Made using jekyll and polymer web components.