After finishing this blog i wanted to add some type of discussion or comment system for communication, productive arguing and such.
There are many great services like disqus that can be quickly intergrated and quite usable and pretty, but i needed something really simple
and self-managed(too much free time maybe?).

So here is(original ® name incoming) EasyComments. A simple api service with just 2 endpoints for posting and retrieving comments made
with ruby and sinatra.I also bundled a moderation dashboard(yes, too much free time after all…) for approving pending comments , editing , removing etc.
Released it as a gem with a generator and some configuration options like multiple database adapters, auto-approve comments, anonymous posting,
cors support, pagination and more plus some rake tasks for easy managment.Check it on github.
The front-end part is also available here as an example on how it can be used, it’s just the comments section of the blog extracted and packaged with bower
to be used as a custom polymer element.

It currently lives on a heroku free plan and works just fine.
I might work on it some more, adding markdown support and dynamic comment fields instead of the hardcoded name-email.