You know it’s great having a blog, you have so much fun making it, setting things up, move elements around, playing with colors.Great that should do it!
But then comes the time to actually add some content(that’s what you made it for? isn’t it?)
So here is my first post on how i built it.

There are many great blogging(or cms) platforms like wordpress or drupal and refinery(written in ruby which i love) but do i actually need all that functionality they provide? Probably not, so here comes jekyll!
Jekyll is a static site generator that is blog aware(yes you can make blogs with it) that comes as a ruby gem which is really easy to setup and really configurable.
Ok, got the platform right, but how about actually learning something new in the process? Webcomponents(and polymer)!
Webcomponents and polymer-project is a new piece of technology that i have been very excited about and following for the past year, check it out at
Lastly, let’s host it somewhere! Github pages is the answer which is free and it’s actually using jekyll so everything is automated with a beloved ‘git push’.

puts "hello world!"
#also check this sexy monokai