Hacking Sunday - Javascript metaprogramming - Overwriting localStorage

One more Sunday post and another attempt to hide weird looking, overcomplicated code under the “hacking” label. That’s what we use it for right? Maybe not but here it goes!

Hacking Sunday - Rebuilding the node.js EventEmitter in ruby

I decided to start a “series” of articles which will cover small projects that can be completed in less than a day and are fun enough for a nice Sunday morning.So yeah, hacking Sunday(that’s a cool name) starts now!

Automatic github pages deployment for Polymer elements with Travis CI

If you follow the polymer documentation for Creating a reusable element there is a section for generating a docs and demo page and pushing it to github pages.This is a great practice for letting the world know how your knew shiny element looks and behaves!
In this post we are going to automate the whole process to get triggered after every push to our repo with the help of Travis CI.

Mongodb text search with rails and mongoid

Recently we have been improving an internal dashboard app and were in need for some simple text search solution.Something more robust than sql queries and something easier than diving to a proper lucene based approach.The models have been recently migrated to Mongodb(for other reasons), so the mongo text search seemed pretty sweet.

Connecting to EC2 from ChromeOS

I recently got myself a chromebook and i am eager to write how it feels from a development standpoint but first a little guide on how to connect to your AWS EC2 instance.
There are two ways to do it: